Julie Monley's Music
Julie's CD's and recordings.

"Straight Up" under the Dazzle Performance label on June

Julie co-released with her brother Andy
"You could be the Sun"
in December 2007.

"Paris Takes"
recorded at the Sysmo Studio in May 96. The musicians
who collaborated to the project were:
Dominique Lemerle (bass),
Bob Demeo (drums),
and Michel Graillier (piano).

She also appears on a few other recordings - CD's:

Nat Yarbrough  "Triple Play"
"Dindi" A.C. Jobim
with Nat Yarbrough on drums, Bijoux Barbosa on Bass and
Chip Stephens on Piano

The Czars: Good Bye.
Duo with John Grant and the band on title:
"Little Pink House"
Roger Green on Guitar, Chris Pearson on Bass guitar,
Andy Monley on guitar and Jeff Linsenmaier on Drums

KUVO Live at the Oasis Volume IV.
track # 2. "With a song in my heart"
With Joseph Bonner on piano, Dirck Dickson on bass, and
Charles Ayache on Drums.
Contact KUVO, at www.kuvo.org

Denver. Velveteen Records. 2001.
track #  6, "Miles above"
* Julie's music *
You are listening to Julie with Michel Graillier on Piano,
Jean-Pierre Rebillard on Bass and Sylvain Glevarec on
drums. Waters of March. AC. Jobim recorded at Studio
Mesa. France.