Paris Takes Band,
Bod Demeo (drums) Michel Graillier (piano),
Dominique Lemerle (bass) and Julie on a
sunny day.
Julie Monley's Photos
Julie with brother Andy Monley
Photo by Carrie Lee
Julie at The Sunset in Paris
Roy Hargrove, Simon Goubert, Dominique Lemerle and
Michel Graillier
Julie at the Duc Des Lombards, Paris  1994
Julie at the Petit Journal Montparnasse,
with Jean-Pierre Rebillard on Bass,
circa 1996
In Saint-Macaire, France, summer 2010 With
Jacky Gratecap on Acoustic Bass and Michel
Dedieu on Guitar
Photo Jean-Philippe Ardailloux
In front of Dazzle on January 2012, with Ron Bland,
Dave Willey and Frederic Desmoulins
Photo Marcia Ward - The Image Maker
Julie with So Danço Samba
Tony Black, Kenny Villanueba and Manuel Molina
Julie with Bridges
1rst Row: Samuel Trujillo, Julie and Michael Shay
2nd row: Rob Rawlins, Frank Ayala, Frank Bonnie and Kenny
With Jux County at Red Rocks
June 15, 2015
My Favorite Band  - Greeley, CO
August, 2015
My Favorite Band  - Greeley, CO
September, 2016